The perfect exerciser.


the original

Pick up the perfect exerciser for your fingers, wrist and arm to improve your grip and coordination and thus your performance in your favorite sport.


Powerball models

Swift contact

Handtraining mit Powerball

Give me one minute

— and I will give you a powerful hand!

The Original Powerball is the perfect training device for many types of sports.

Tennis, Golf, Basketball,
Badminton, Rowing,
Rock Climbing and
many more.

Moreover, Powerball helps to prevent
and treat many health problems.

Tennis- or Golf Elbow,
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,
Mouse Arm (PC users),
RSI, Pain in Muscles
and Shoulder Tensions.


"A weird little ball conquers offices and sports fields."

RTL-Aktuell News
on 07/02/2002
Beispiele: Powerball mit Branding


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