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powerball multi light

The color of the LED-lights inside Original Powerball Multi Light changes with the RPM of the rotor thus giving you a life feedback of your power.


Product details

powerball multi light

powerball multi light

— product details

An integrated dynamo within the rotor makes your Original Powerball Multi Light shine during your workout. 

The Multi Light Powerball adds a new dimension to Powerballs, as the rotor begins to spin the ball glows red, as the speed increases the colour morphs into purple, reaching above 8000rpm the ball comes alive with a bright crystal blue.

"Along the way" you will generate up to 16 kg of weight — but no worries: the rotor of about 200 g will be effecitve at lower revolutions as well.

Each instance of Powerball is balanced by computer to guarantee a stable rotation. Its axis made of steel as well as the housing made of durable plastic guarantee stability and the grip band accounts for a secure hold in your fingers during training.

Get the digital counter anytime as an upgrade.

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