Powerball Qualität

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The Powerball trademark marks the top of the class in gyro wrist exercisers. 


Swift contact

"Now that our players use this training device regularly, their wrists and lower arms get stronger."

Stefan Schaffelhuber, Schaffelhuber Academy,
Official High Performance Base of Tennis of Munic


Powerball Rotor

Perfect Rotation

The computer balanced rotation is absolutely precise. Even after long term use you will experience no vibration.

With the Original Powerball you can reach up to 16,000 rpm and generate up to 16 kg of gyro power.

Powerball Achse

Strong axis

The axis is made of steel and will not break no matter how hard your workout is.

Powerball mit LEDs

ball lightning

Within Powerball Lightning, Powerball Multi Light and Powerball Max an integrated dynamo and 6 LED — red, blue or green — will show a bright light effect. No batteries required.

Powerball Grip Band

Grip Band

The grip band made of high grade silicone makes sure you hold your Powerball firmly in your hand and it does not slip away.

Powerball Housing

solid housing

The housing of the Original Powerball is made of especially durable and break-proof plastic material.

Powerball Counter

rpm counter

Only Original Powerball is available with a digital revolution counter — Powerball Max and Powerball Counter — or can be upgraded later any time.


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