Training mit dem Powerball

Perfect workout.

it's the gyro, stupid!

The rotation of the Powerball can be compared to ice-cubes being swung inside a glass — but only Powerball is generating up to 16kg of gyroscopic force for your workout.


Starting Powerball & training plan

Swift contact

All but sluggish

— the principle of Powerball

Inside Powerball there is a rotor of about 200 gram that is being accelerated by a round movement of your hand. A rotation impulse starts up around the axis building up a stability caused by a moment of inertia as well as the speed of rotation.

By rotating Powerball you will tilt the axis around which the rotor turns and apply torque to the rotor. The rotor reacts with a contrary movement and tries to straighten back up — yet he cannot as it is bound to a guide rail inside the ball. Its only "escape" is to roll "away" within the guide rail. Hence your energy is transformed into an increased speed of rotation.

The rotor can perform as many as 16.000 revolutions per minute and thus generate a force of about 75 times the weight of the rotor: 16 kg!

"I use the Powerball regularly to exercise coordination and for indurance training.

It is extremely good for the joints and it can be used just anywhere."

Lenny Soccio, Skipper of Hannover Scorpions, Member of the Icehockey National Team Germany

Starting your Powerball

— with the starter string or simply by hand

Die Startschnur auf den Rotor aufrollenPut the point of the string into the little hole in the rotor and wind it up. To start now you hold the Powerball firmly in one hand and pull the string with power.Powerball mit Handballen starten

Once you've got some practice with Powerball you can hold the Powerball in one hand and accelerate the rotor with the thumb or palm of your other hand.

Den Rotor mit Kreiseln in Schwung bringenNow you start moving your hand in a circle and try to build up the speed of the rotor. Feel the resistance of the rotor and gently work against it. The Powerball should  be running smoothly and not be bashing or clattering loudly.

your exercise plan

— focused excercises for fingers to shoulders

Greifkraft der Finger trainierenGrip force of fingers

Hold the Powerball with the tips of your fingers only.

Thus you exercise the muscles in your fingers without risking any over-exercising.

This is because the rotor gets slower and the forces decrease as soon as you give in and reduce the power you put in.

This is a very good training for rock climbers, mountain bikers or piano players.


Wrist training with PowerballWrist

Hold your Powerball firmly in your hand and accelerate while you perform circles with your wrist.

This is good training of your coordination. Do it clockwise and anti-clockwise. Do the same with the other hand.

After a long time of immobility due to injuries you can improve the mobility of your wrist. This exercise is also good for all kinds of sports where the wrist is important: tennis, hockey, cycling, golf.

It is also a good exercise in rehab after any kind of injury and with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The soft movement of the ball supports the healing process and your wirst will gain stability.


Lower arm training with PowerballLower arm

Accelerate the rotor while trying to hold the wrist firm and stiff.

Now the power will automatically come from the muscles of your lower arm. You will even see how the muscles work and move.

Powerball is the best training device to improve the coordination of the lower arm muscles.

It is good warm-up before you start your sport. Even after only a short time of exercising you will feel your arm getting warm.

Regular Powerball training will prevent tennis elbow.


Biceps training with PowerballBiceps

Accelerate the rotor and hold the Powerball upwards.

You will feel how the muscles in your upper arm start working.

These exercises are good for all sports where a strong biceps is important: e.g. rock-climbing, tennis, rowing, and many others.


Triceps training with Powerball


Hold your arm outstretched and turn the back of your hand inward and to the front.

You will feel how the triceps works.

This exercise is good for all sports where strong upper arm muscles are important:

  • Climbing
  • Tennis
  • Rowing
  • and many more


Shoulder training with Powerball


Hold your arm stretched to the side and accelerate.

This exercise can ease the pain in your shoulders and you will feel the positive effect
up to your neck.

One thing is true for all exercises. In order to accelerate the Powerball and support the rotation you have to get a feeling for the ball. This is very good for your concentration and you will improve your body feeling.


"It is unbelievable which effect the Powerball has.

It is an important part of my training."

Michael Maier, Marathon-runner und Mountainbike-Long-distance expert,
former editor of the journal "bike sport"


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